Golden Retriever Temperament

Golden Retriever Temperament

Golden Retriever Temperament

Golden Retriever Temperament

The Golden Retriever temperament is not difficult to understand or manage. Providing you can learn how to deal with them, Golden Retrievers are  fantastic dogs and also make the best pets.

Golden Retriever Temperament – What You Should Know

This breed is excellent both at home and outdoors. It is affectionate, caring as well as a great friend to children of all ages. They also do very well with burglars, so don’t expect a watchdog. Your retriever is more likely to lick a thief with love in the middle of the night without waking you up.

However, as with every other breed, you have to be ready for any issues that might surface. Read on for more information on Golden Retriever temperament.

Quality Matters

To minimise the number of issues you have along with your Golden Retriever, make sure that you invest in a quality breeder. So far as possible, avoid dogs rescued from a shelter and strays because you can never be sure of their background. This can be quite important because of some of the health issues that can affect golden retrievers. On the other hand, with the proper training, most dogs will turn out to be good pets.

The following are some of the more common traits of a Golden Retriever.

Stress And Anxiety

One of the most common behavioral problems of the golden retriever breed is separation anxiety. Retrievers are loving dogs and will become very close to their owners.

When you are leaving home without him you should try not to draw his attention . Instead, you should distract him and draw his attention away from you.

Anxiety leads to destructive behaviors such as scratching, and chewing. You should deal with this problem early before it gets out of hand. Develop a habit of recognizing your dogs temperaments. If you notice the dog behaving differently, that might be an indication that that there is a problem that requires immediate attention.


Aggression can also be common among Golden Retrievers. Prior to trying to solve this problem, attempt to understand the source behind the behaviour. Usually, the dog might turn aggressive, sometimes resulting in, because of not enough proper socialisation.

Use the few suggestions here to handle aggressive Golden Retriever temperament:

  • Parent Separation
    Never take retriever puppies away from their mothers before they are 60 days old.
  • Violence
    Never strike your retriever. That’s just plain animal cruelty. Some owners will hit their new puppy whenever he shows signs or symptoms of aggression. They do not realising that this only worsens the problem.
  • Training
    To solve aggressive behavior, you should also begin by letting the dog know that you are the boss. Coach him to obey your commands and instructions. Make sure that you establish your authority as the leader. This will make it easy for you to dictate training strategies and also make them easier for the two of you.

The golden retriever breed is ranked among the most intelligent dog breeds. However, you should be consistent in your training if you are to turn your aggressive golden retriever into an obedient, manageable and smart member of the family.

Excessive Energy

One of the natural tendencies that are common in most golden retrievers is their excessive energy. To deal with this challenge, you need to ensure that your dog is getting enough exercise. This means frequent walks, playing outdoors, etc. This can also be an ideal time for you to get some exercise.

Early Training

The old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is also true about your retrievers. If he is not trained early enough, he could develop into a stubborn, hyperactive and unmanageable adults.

Train your retriever the moment you get him. He needs to be taught to understand that peeing and pooping anywhere, jumping up on people and chewing anything he shouldn’t is unacceptable and will be corrected.

Use Positive reinforcement

Never hit your retriever no matter how angry you are with him. You should only manage his temperament through positive reinforcement. For example you can give him dog treats and show him affection every time he is behaving well. This will make him associate all good behaviour with treats and pleasure. Appropriate treats to give him include dog biscuits or his favorite toy.

Fast Learners

A well trained retriever can learn up to 200 verbal commands. He can also learn a good number of non verbal commands and even instructions given with a whistle or clicker. Retrievers can easily learn more complex commands like tracking people, sniffing out drugs and can also become Guide Dogs for The Blind.

Their eagerness to learn sets Golden Retrievers apart. Once the he has mastered the training basics, you will notice that he enjoys learning. He has a natural intelligence that makes him learn fast.


Golden Retrievers are excellent pets. However, these are like any other dog from the sense that they need to be trained. Failing to do this will still only cause negative Golden Retriever temperaments to become displayed.

If you do not have the time, energy or knowledge to teach them, enlist the help of an experienced Golden Retriever trainer.



Hi, my name is Stuart and with my wife, Shona, we are the proud owners of two Golden Retrievers. Our boy Marley and our little girl Chloe.

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