Golden Retriever Health Tips – 6 Top Tips To Stay Healthy

Golden Retriever Health Tips – 6 Top Tips To Stay Healthy

Golden Retriever Health Tips

Golden Retriever Health TipsIn this article I’d like to share with you some important things regarding Golden Retriever Health. Yes, your Golden is an excellent, active and always happy dog but it doesn’t mean he’s completely free of problems. However, some of the health problems may be prevented and the risk of facing the other ones can be minimized.

Top 6 Golden Retriever Health Tips

  1. The most common health problems in Golden Retrievers are cancer, hip dysplasia, cataract, skin allergies, obesity and of course parasites like lease and worms. Cancer is the number one cause of death in Golden retrievers and the best thing you can do is to trust your vet on this one. However, when it comes to hip dysplasia, cataract and other diseases that are passed genetically you can take some preventive measures. The best thing to do is to study carefully health of a breeding couple before adopting a puppy. There is no reason why a reputable breeder will not have a breeding pair checked for signs of these diseases or refuse to present you the papers regarding the dogs’ health.
  2. Another way to keep your dog healthy is by visiting your local veterinary office regularly. How regular should your dog see a vet? Well, it depends. In the first two years of its life your pup should see the vet more often for injections and regular examinations. An adult dog should be examined at least once a year and probably more often as it’s getting old. In case for whatever reason you need to pay visits to your vet more often, the doctor will inform you about it. And of course you should regularly execute parasites prevention and extinction.
  3. Except for the medical visits there are also some things you may do yourself to keep your Golden healthy. A good start will be a scheduled feeding. Golden retriever is a pretty big dog and it just LOVES to eat. Many owners think that their Goldens have more self-discipline than they actually do. They then grant them unlimited access to their food. If you do the same mistake you’ll see your Golden getting fat incredibly fast! And obesity is as harmful for dogs as it is for humans. A fatty dog is more likely to suffer from heart problems, is less active and more subject to other health problems.
  4. Scheduled feeding also allows you to monitor your dog’s health. It’ll help you notice if your dog loses appetite or vice versa, starts eating too much. Both can signalize the problem (for example eating too much may be one of the signs of worms), and you won’t be able to notice it if your Golden eats whenever he wants. Finally, if you’ll ever need to leave your Golden at the kennels for some time your Golden will suffer from stress less since he’s alredy accustomed for scheduled feeding. Imagine what it will be for him otherwise – being left by his owner and without constant access to food as he used to.
  5. Finally, always remember that your dog NEEDS to exercise! Long walks, running by the bicycle, swimming or playing dog games all these activities will help you to preserve your dog’s physical and mental health. Naturally, your Golden’s level of activity will change over time. He’ll need more exercises as a pup and a teenager to build a strong body and become more calm and lazy as he ages.
  6. Different types of casualties may also happen. Since Golden Retrievers tend to chew and are curious they may get poisoned by eating chemicals left within the reach or sometimes can harm themselves by sharp objects. Try not to leave potentially harmful object and substances within your dog’s reach and contact your vet in case something like that happens. The same advice applies if you’ve discovered that your dog has a broken bone. These are the cases when going to the vet immediately is you’re the very best choice.

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